At Mitrataa, we’re all about using our passions and strengths to achieve our goals – whether it’s the children and women we work with through our Passion Box Project, our team in Nepal, our volunteers or our fundraising. There is so much power in doing what you love, what you’re good at!

So we have a challenge

for you – our


Here’s how it works:

First do our passion and strengths activity. It will take you ten minutes and I promise you will enjoy it!

Now call a meeting of your close family and friends (we call them your “Cheer Squad”!) and brainstorm how you could turn your newly identified passions and strengths into a fundraising opportunity to raise $1,000 for Mitrataa (Too easy? You can set your target higher if you like!)

Set a timeframe for achieving the goal – timed goals are much more likely to be achieved.

Off you go! Enjoy achieving it!

Stuck for ideas?

Be creative! This is your change to really challenge yourself to try something new or explore something you’ve always wanted to do with an added incentive. Here are some ideas to get you started: If your passion is

MAKING PEOPLE HAPPY – ask your friends and family what price they’d pay for you to be their angel and do some long overdue task for/with them – eg cleaning out the garage, adding all their contacts to their latest device, putting the DVDs in alphabetical order

LAUGHING – host a laughter yoga session or a comedy evening

WINE – why not host a wine tasting for your friends and ask them to come and hear your brilliant tasting notes in exchange for a donation

CARS – organise a car wash in your local community. Think of all those wonderful cars you can get your hands on!

TRIVIA – and doing the quiz in the Saturday paper – why not host a trivia night for your friends and family. You could ask your local pub to help out with a venue

SAD MOVIES host a movie night with lots of boxes of tissues on hand and ask people to donate for each one they have to use!

What’s in it for you?

Not only will your fundraising enable us to continue the powerful work we do in Nepal, but your motivation and commitment in using your strengths and passions will inspire the girls and women too – knowing how powerful they can be and that people around the world care for them is very motivating!

 You get to indulge in your passions, knowing you’re doing good too! Your passion can change the world (well at least the worlds of the kids and women we work with – but don’t be too greedy!)