Mitrataa means ‘friendship’ in Nepali and we are all about creating friendships between Nepal and other countries. We are so lucky to have some wonderful partners who work closely with us on some wonderful programs, including:

Charles Sturt University (CSU) – CSU and Mitrataa have partnered on several initiatives, including teacher training initiatives, with an option for CSU students to complete part of their practical teacher training in Nepal with Mitrataa. This program enables our Nepali teachers to be mentors and to coach trainee teachers from Australia, building their confidence as well as giving the students from Australia an insight into teaching with few resources. A win-win program which is in its seventh year. We have also run an entrepreneurial immersion trip for the last 2 years with students from the business and psychology schools visiting Nepal for 3 weeks of engagements with government officials, cooperatives, industry groups, students and individual entrepreneurs to explore issues of entrepreneurship as an alternative to aid in development.

John Wiley & Sons – This is our tenth year anniversary of working with Wiley. They have supported 2 Dream Centres, our Women’s Centre, our tuition program, our Panchkal program, our Bhaktapur program, our Junkiri Award and various other education related activities including International Literacy Day celebrations. Wiley has also sent 2 groups of employees to Nepal to work with us on fun-filled sharing of skills and ideas. Our partnership with Wiley is an example of how working together with shared values and a mutual, creative approach to fundraising and programs can really enhance the experience for both partners. We are so grateful to the wonderful Wiley team for all their support and inspiration.

Libby Hathorn – Libby has been supporting Mitrataa since 2008 when she travelled to Kathmandu to teach her 100Views program at the Model School. Libby made a documentary of this visit which has been used extensively since as a great fundraiser for the Foundation. Since then Libby has returned to Kathmandu a number of times, conducting various activities including running workshop on creative writing to girls living at Bal Mandir, and judging our Inspirations Award. She has also written a book called Sangita’s Singing which raises funds for Mitrataa as well as being a wonderful teaching resource. She also wrote the script and lyrics for a musical based on the book which we presented in 2017. Libby has also provided wonderful support in Sydney where she has opened her home for a number of fundraising events. She continues to mentor us through many projects as well as mentoring several of our budding poets and authors.

Women’s College, Sydney University.– Women’s College ran a leadership program sending a group to Nepal and fundraising for our Life Coaching and Dream Catchers programs.

To explore a partnership with Mitrataa, please get in touch and we are sure we can come up with some wonderful, inspiring ideas together.