Nepal is located in South East Asia and borders both India and Tibet. You may be aware that the world’s tallest mountain, Sagarmatha (Mount Everest), lies on the Nepali border. However did you know that:

  • 42.6% of women in Nepal are illiterate? 42.6%
  • 53% of children failed their school leaving exam in 2013? 53%
  • 47.7% of people in Nepal live on less than one dollar a day? 47.7%
  • 50% of children do not receive enough nutrition each day? 50%
  • 50% of girls in Nepal are married by age 17? 50%
  • 50% of children work as child labourers in Nepal? 50%
  • 16% of teachers have received no formal training (numerous more have not received education training)? 16%

We hope to change some of these statistics through our work with the wonderful people of Nepal..